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A leading Insurance company in the U.S with online insurance claims /operations, with over 1 million registered users on its secure site and over 8 million unique visitors.

Improving the customer experience on the websites
Consolidating multiple web-sites and improving their maintainability
Improving the time-to-market for new initiatives
Tight timeline of 90 days  to study their 'requirements & architecture'
Enable an improvement in industry rankings through improvement of their sites

Phase 1 - Strategy & Planning
This stage involved the 90 days period of eBusiness requirements and Architecture study. This phase was undertaken during the first three months of the project

Phase 2 - Quick Gains & Migration to Portal Product
Marginal site enhancement & their migration to a portal product were executed. This was accomplished in the latter half of the first year

Phase 3 - Redesigning & Integrating
The team created a holistic user interface design and integrated the sites

Phase 4 – Empowering Business Owners
This phase involved Content Management implementation and migration to a new portal product (Websphere Portal Server)

Phase 5 - Extending this service to partner sites
This is an ongoing phase with our team studying & redesigning the client's partner sites as well

Operational Functions
Over 20 projects were undertaken for this business in the following areas:

  • eBusiness architecture and roadmap
  • Portal architecture and implementation
  • Adding functionalities on the portal such as alerts and partner sites' integration
  • Wrapping functionality in web-services that can be consumed by the portal and by other channels
  • Content management integration
  • Private labeling

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