Business Analysis

9dots Technology’s business analysis best practices have helped our clients attain quality and actionable business process models.  Our BA methodology is a simple, yet innovative technique for gathering business requirements. It provides a structure for a Business Analyst to interview users and collect details. It was developed to overcome the problem of BAs not having a communication technique they could use to translate the way business users saw the world, into an IT context.


The business analysis interview is structured around a grid of information.  It consists of the following five components:

  • Outputs. What the person produces.
  • Inputs. What the person needs to do their job.
  • Functionality. What the person does.
  • Business Rules. What rules govern the way a person works
  • Data. The people places and things the person needs to keep track of.

Our Business Analysts provide the following expertise:

    We scope the area of analysis, working with client sponsors and IT project managers to clarify the complexity and level of analysis needed

    Select the appropriate elicitation technique to efficiently identify requirements

    Analyze and refine functional and technical requirements

    Identify the five core components to analyze the business area: Inputs, Functionality, Business Rules, Data, and Outputs

    Use our templates to categorize, manage and prioritize requirements the Business Analyst is collecting the following information.

    Define and refine testing objectives and plans

    Build strong relationships with project stakeholders

    Anticipate issues, think proactively, and use critical thinking skills to plan stakeholder review and elicitation sessions