TKPSweb (Time Keeping and Payroll System on the Web)

TKPSweb is web based Time Tracking and billing software that optimizes your time keeping and billing processes. TKPSweb is a secure, easy to learn tool that automates time collection and approval. With an integrated billing system, clients can track projects and employee profitability.  For companies with multiple locations, it provides a secure solution to employees and managers from their workstations.

TKPSweb Features

  • Easy to learn and use, intuitive user interface
  • Automated reporting increases accuracy and saves time and expense
  • Tracks employee time by project, department, customer, or by categories defined by you
  • Minimizes time employees spend tracking their tasks
  • Ability to view and edit historical information on project hours, schedule vacation, view sick time
  • Ability to enter expenses
  • Custom reporting options

Full integration with billing module

  • Associate employees  with multiple sites, clients and projects
  • Allow clients  insight into areas relevant to them such as project hours and expenses
  • Flexibility in setting up billing rates according to client needs
  • Set up tasks as billable or non-billable
  • Create powerful, customized reports on cost and profitability
  • Create bills for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or user-defined billing cycles