This product brings our veteran Business Intelligence Methodology to you. Today’s business climate necessitates quick and targeted decision making.  This includes developing an enterprise wide BI strategic process to harness the power of your data.  Our methodology enables you to implement a Business Intelligence solution that provides you with real time answers to your what-if scenarios.
Among our product offerings are the following:

Data Extract
Information is dispersed throughout your enterprise in disparate sources from structured ERP databases to highly unstructured forms such as email, document libraries, forums and the like. To gain real time access to the volumes of data, a data warehouse is essential in today’s environment. We are experts at data modeling.  profiling, slicing and dicing data and data classification. Our methodology will collect, clean, classify, and document your data to provide you with an aggressive start to your data mining efforts.    

Transformation and Load 
Accurate data is essential to your organization.  Intellibiz’s transformation and load products provide a robust set of tools to meet these needs. The ability to profile data, cleanse incongruent data and easily define business logic, are the underpinnings of our technology.

Data Profiling
We provide organizations with a platform to assess quality of data that comes into an organization.  Our analysis techniques and a reporting mechanism allow you to uncover discrepancies and determine segments of poor data quality.

Transformation and Cleansing
Easy to use processes enable data analysts to examine and prototype data and to apply corrections to the data.   These processes also allow users to parse the data, apply validation rules, and define acceptable exceptions.

Algorithmic Matching
Our heuristics approach allows building connections among seemingly dissimilar data enabling a consistent view of data across the organization. Using powerful algorithms including fuzzy logic to group data together (for ex: house, home, residence), you can minimize duplication of values, and reduce database storage requirements.

Business Analytics Tool Selection

Our Business Intelligence software comprises of a set of tools that provide access to your data.  Which tool you select depends on a number of factors including:

  • Audience of reports
  • Scalability of system
  • Power users versus management users
  • Total number of concurrent users
  • Currency requirements of data